Healing Warriors


This year we are selecting two individuals who have declared their purpose and mission in the world to saving the waters of Mother Earth.

If you are a water activist, dedicating your life to preserve our ocean and clean waters around the world, then please fill out your application to tell us about your passion and purpose for healing the waters of the world. We will feature your work in our communications and dedicate a percentage of our profits to your cause. You will also receive a 50% discount from the original price. Plus, we will have a collective conversation during retreat to see how we can all be in service to expanding your cause as a water warrior. 

We know our waters are in desperate needs for environmental protection, and we would like to support your remarkable efforts, with our own kind of healing, by supporting you with self-care and soulful alignment, we feel we can contribute to the potency of your work.  

We want to know how best can we support and enhance what you do and how you do it! We will select the two individuals for the special pricing by end of May.

 If you do not fit that calling and just want to join no matter what, then reserve today! Also, please share this link with anyone you know who might benefit from this scholarship. 

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